Athens Autumn 2011

Conference Theme:

Economic Crisis and Crises: Interactions, Reactions and Consequences

Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Social Administration


Sunday (evening), 6 November 2011: Welcome Drink (Location TBA)  Monday, 7 – Wednesday, 9 November 2011: Morning and Afternoon Sessions  Wednesday (evening), 9 November 2011: Farewell Dinner (Location TBA)

Please find the finalised programme here: CS Fall 2011 FINAL PROGRAMME

Dates: 7-9 November 2011. The welcoming on Sunday evening, 6 November shall take place here! The location of the farewell dinner and party on Wednesday, 9 November remains a mystery.

Conference Address: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Historical Central Building (New Amphitheatre), 30 Panepistimiou Ave., 10679, Athens.

[Close to Syntagma square; it is accessible via Metro Line 2 (Red line) “Ag.Antonios –Al.Panagoulis”, stop at “Panepistimio” station.]


The conference is limited to members of the twelve member Universities and invited guests only.  Unfortunately, registration is not possible for members of the public or non-affiliated Universities.  If you are not part of an affiliated University but wish to attend future conferences you may wish to consider enrolling in a related degree programme or pursuing an Erasmus or Overseas exchange programme at one of the participating Universities.  Registration for students of the respective Universities is handled locally by the staff representatives, so contact your own staff for specific details and requirements in the first instance.

Local Accommodations:




-In the following list by clicking on the hotels’ name you could connected directly to the hotel site. You can find further information on these hotels and book directly on or in sites. All of them are close to University (maximum about 10- 15 minutes walking, and are close to metro or subway stations (Syntagma st., Monastiraki st.,Acropolisst. Thission st). Common Session meeting and lectures will be at the central building ofUniversity ofAthens, inPanepistimiouStr. (metro station Panepistimio).

-For your accommodation select one of the following hotels or hostels (see numbers of stars behind the hotel’s name). In case you find some other hotel in, we suggest choosing (for commodity and security reasons) a place in the east part of the city as it is indicated in the map attached in the mail.



Electra Palace Hotel Athens *****

Address: 18-20 .Nikodimou street, Plaka,Athens,Greece


Address:4 Rovertou Galli Street, Koukaki, 11742Athens


26 Sofokleous Str..// 10552,Athens//Greece

Τ +30 210 5248511, F+30 210


Address: 2-4,Miaouli street, Monastiraki, Plaka, 17255Athens


Address: 5 Ermou, Plaka, 105 63 Αθήνα


Address: 29 Athinas str, Plaka, 10554,Athens

Tel: (+30) 210 3212801-2-3

Rates: single room, 53€ per night; double room, 70€ per night; triple room, 91€ per night.


Address: 15 Aristogitonos str and corner of Athinas str, 10552,Athens

Tel: (+30) 210 32 22 706

Rates: single room, 60€ per night; twin room, 70€ per night.



Address: 21 Apollonos str, Plaka, 10557,Athens

Tel: (+30) 210 3234357-9

Rates: single room, 70€ per night; double/twin room, 90€ per night; triple room, 145€ per night.

Athens Cypria Hotel***

Address: 5 Diomias str, Syntagma square, 10563,Athens

Tel: (+ 30) 210 3238034-8

Rates: single room, 80€ per night; double/twin room, 110€ per night; triple room, 135€ per night.


Address: 19 Apollonos str, Plaka, 10557,Athens

Tel: (+30) 210 3235514

Rates: single room, from 70 to 100€ per night; double/twin room, from 90 to 130€ per night; triple room, from 100 to 140€ per night.


7, Kapnikareas &Mitropoleos Street. GR 10556AthensGreece

Tel.+30 2103222706 |     Fax. +30 2103211800 |



16, Karagiorgi Servia 10562; Athens telephone: +30 210 335100; fax: +30 2103239742


55 Kolokotroni Str., 105 60Athens-Greece| Tel: +30 210 32.43.551, +30 210 32.43.552 | Fax: +30 210 32.43.550


Apollonos 15, Plaka, 10557 Athens



Category: Hostel

Address: 104, Ermou Str – Athens, Greece

Starting from: 22.90 EUR


Category: Hotel ***

Address: 6-8, Mitropoleos & 12, Nikis Streets – Athens, Greece

Starting from: 32.88 EUR


Category: Hostel

Address: Agias Theklas N°10 Monastiraki – Athens, Greece

Starting from: 19.93 EUR

(indicative price per person, per night)


Category: Hostel,

Address: Agias Theklas 12, Monastiraki (Next door to AthenStyle) – Athens, Greece

Starting from: 19.29 EUR


Category: Hotel **,

Address: 46 MITROPOLEOS STREET – Athens, Greece

Starting from: 25.00 EUR

(indicative price per person, per night)

 Student and Travellers Inn

16 Kydathineon, Plaka,Athens,Greece10558

From and to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

By Airport Express Buses (aka OASA Public Buses in map)

Four bus routes (24hr service) connect directly the Athensgreater area and Piraeus with the airport and operate approx. every 20 minutes. All buses depart from the Arrivals Level, between Exits 4 and 5 and disembark passengers at the Departures Level. Ticket can be obtained either from blue ticket offices or from the drivers of the airport buses and can be used for only one trip from or to the airport. The ride costs 5€ and depending on traffic it may take approx. 1,5hr to get to the final destination. The bus services are Χ93: Kifissos Coach Station – Airport, Χ95: Syntagma – Airport, Χ96: Piraeus – Airport, Χ97: Dafni Metro Station – Airport.

By Metro

The airport is accessible via Metro Line 3 (Blue line) “Egaleo -AthensInternationalAirport”. The line operates approx. every 30 minutes. From the Airport to Egaleo, the first train departs at 06:33 and the last at 23:33. From Egaleo to the Airport, the first train departs at 05:30 and the last at 22:55. The ticket costs 8€ but there are some special offers; for 2 people, it’s 14€ and for 3 people, it’s 20€. The trip takes up to 50 minutes to get to the final destination.

By Suburban Rail

The airport is also, connected to Athens Central Railway Station (Larissis Station) and theportofPireaus via the Suburban Rail but in order to get there someone needs to change two lines and the ride takes up to 2hrs to get to the final destination. Each line operates every 1 hr. From the Airport toAnoLiosialine, the first train departs at 05:26 and the last at 23:11 and fromAnoLiosiatoPiraeusline, the first train departs 06:30 and the last at 23:31. FromPiraeustoAnoLiosialine, the first train departs at 05:40 and the last at 22:40. FromAnoLiosiato the Airport line, the first train departs at 06:02 and the last at 23:47. The ticket costs 8€.

By Taxi

Taxis are available at the designated Taxi waiting area located at Exit 3 of Arrivals Level. From February 1st 2011, the flat fare for taxis is set as follows: DAY TIME (05:00-00:00): 35€, from Airport only to Athens City Centre (darker grey zone in map) and vice versa. NIGHT TIME (00:00-05:00): 50€, from Airport only to Athens City Centre (darker grey zone in map) and vice versa. IMPORTANT NOTE: The flat fare price depends on the time of arrival to the destination and includes all applicable surcharges (V.A.T., meter start, luggage, toll fee, and airport charge).

Pre-booked Taxis are available upon request. For further information, please contact the Taxi Union Assosiation (SATA) at: tel.: (+30) 210-5239524, 5221123, 5227986, 5242589 or email:

By Car

 Five car rental companies currently operate at the airport. Their offices are located at the Arrivals Level. For further information, regarding availability and costs please contact the rental companies:

Tel (+30) 210 3530578-9

Tel (+30) 210 3530553-5

Tel (+30) 210 3534900

National Car Rental / Alamo
Tel (+30) 210 3533323-4 & 3533354

Tel (+30) 210 3530576 & 3530556

Getting Around

Public Transport

Cheap and go nearly everywhere! Metro, as it is not affected by the traffic jam, is the faster mean of public transport to use. There are 3 lines (metro line 1, 2 & 3 map), that operate and cover the greater area of Athens. Trains run every 4 minutes during rush hours and no less than every 10 minutes to all other times (expect between midnight and 5:30, when the metro is closed). Buses, trolleys, tram and suburban railway can also be used as alternatives. Integrated ticket costs are € 1.40. This is valid for multiple trips on all public transport options, in urban zones, in any direction for up to 1.5 hrs. This ticket is not valid on airport express bus lines. There are also the options of day ticket, which costs € 14.- Points of sale can be found at metro, tram, suburban railway stations, blue/yellow ticket offices or many newsstands. Make sure you hold the correct ticket for your journey and keep it safe till the end of your trip. Always remember to validae your ticket by inserting it into the validating machine as soon as you board on a bus, trolly or tram or you enter a metro station. Otherwise you are liable to an on-the-spot-fine, ranging from € 30 to € 72.  The penalty fare for not having a valid or validated ticket is 60 times the ticket price of the mode in which infringement was ascertained. For further information about how to move in Athens, and which means of public transport to use according to needs, visit:

It is easy to find a taxi everywhere, at all times and days and if there is no traffic to get to final destination really quickly. The flat fare/start of the meter is 1.19€ and the minimum fare is 3.16€. The rate per km inside city limits is 0.68€ and outside city limits, 1.19€. The night tariff, meaning between 00:00-05:00, is 1.19€. Instead of catching a taxi, there is the option of calling a radio taxi as well e.g. Ermis (+30) 210 4115200, Ikaros (+30) 210 5152800, Kosmos (+30) 210 5200020, etc. The fare for regular call is 1.92€ whereas for an appointment varies from 3.39€ to 5.65€. According to the Greek Legislation, taxi drivers should provide upon request a receipt for the amount paid for transportation services. Check the meter is on, make clear if you accept additional pick-ups or not, ask for the shortest route and enjoy the ride!

Please have look at our suggestions for Athens’ dining, drinking, and dancing venues!

Conference Contact(s):

Nikos Koulouris (

Student Contact(s):

Nikos Koulouris (

Travel Restrictions:

Non-EU nationals should consult their embassy.


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