Kent Spring 2018

Common Studies Programme in Critical Criminology

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research

University of Kent, 23-25 April 2018

Grimond Building



Refreshments / coffee: Grimond Foyer

GLT: Grimond Lecture Theatre


Monday 23 April

09:00-09:15    Arrival, registration and refreshments

09:15-09:30    Welcome from Professor Julien Forder, SSPSSR Head of School, GLT1

09:30-11:00    Plenary 1

GLT1 Chair: Keith Hayward

Wytske van der Wagen: Breaking the boundaries between the human and the machine: analysing cybercrime through an ANT lens

Vassilis Karydis: Refugee crisis and European policies: the Greek experience 

11:00-11:30    Coffee break

11:30-13:00    Student presentations (A)

A1: Technologies of control, sex and labelling

GLT1 Chair: Veronika Nagy

  • Discovering Paedophiles, Discovering Paedophile-Hunters. Jack Farrell (Utrecht)
  • Beyond The Paywall Boundary. Rachel Stuart (Kent)
  • ‘Soft skills can come the hard way’ – The European Border as Assessment Center. Christian Hammermann (Hamburg)        

A2: Crime, deviance and social control

GLT2 Chair: Dave Porteous

  • The effects of crime on the social body: lessons from the field in Nigeria. Dany Franck Tiwa (Hamburg/Utrecht)
  • Deviance – Pushing the Boundaries of the Norm(al). Sarah Schreier (Hamburg)
  • Studying narratives in the battle against an institutionalised injustice: the animal products industry Whoopi De Duffeleer (Ghent)

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:30    Thesis Defence


Nils Bienzeisler: A Journey through Darkrooms. An Ethnography about Queer Violence

Examiners: Erin Sanders-McDonagh and Marian Duggan

15:30-16:00    Coffee

16:00-17:30    Student presentations (B)

B1: Sex, gender, harm and power

GLT1 Chair: Olga Petintseva

  • The margins of the imaginary social order. Paula van den Broek (Utrecht)
  • Echoing the Hidden Voice in Domestic Violence Issues. Lilian Amankwa (Hamburg)
  • ‘If only I had teeth down there’ – a critical examination of rape prevention devices. Farina Kronsbein (Hamburg)

B2: Social control, activism and forms of resistance

GLT2 Chair: Vassilis Karydis

  • Silencing the artists – restriction of artistic freedom. Anna Sztarodub (ELTE)
  • Spaces of crime: Setting the stage. Jorne Vanhee (Ghent)
  • Mexico’s Borders: Transnational Crime and the idea of secure borders. Daniela Heyn (Hamburg)

19:30               Drinks at The Parrot, Canterbury

[1-9 Church Lane, St Radigans, Canterbury CT1 2AG]

Tuesday 24 April

09:00-09:30    Registration

09:30-11:00    Plenary 2

GLT1 Chair: Simon Cottee

Dave Brotherton: Social Banishment and the US Criminal Alien: Norms of Violence and Repression in the Deportation Regime

Abdessamad Bouabid: An integrated moral panic approach of the stigma ‘Moroccan’ in the Netherlands

11:00-11:30    Coffee

11:30-13:00    Student presentations (C)

C1: ‘Crimmigration’, borders and legal activism

GLT1 Chair: Jenni Ward

  • The neopenalisation of asylum: citizenship as property and the policing of the European refugee crisis. Nick Rodrigo (CUNY)
  • The “Immigration Death Penalty” in the “Wild West of Law”: Aggravated Felonies, Criminal Removal, and Legal Resistance in the Modern U.S. Deportation Regime. Sarah Tosh (CUNY)
  • Cross-border policy: based on biased science? Daniëla van Noort (Rotterdam)

C2: Responding to late-capitalist social harm

GLT2 Chair: Angus Nurse

  • Predatory housing market and social harm: A criminological analysis of the rental housing market in Barcelona. Jordi Gonzalez Guzman (Utrecht)
  • Exploring green grabs: the price of climate change mitigation practices. Alida Szalai (ELTE)
  • Illegal Goldmining in Perú – Working towards a responsible gold value chain. Naomi van der Valk (Rotterdam)

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:30    Student presentations (D)

D1: Decolonising Theory: Punishment & Harm in the Global South                             GLT1 Chair: Abdessamad Bouabid

  • Backfiring the politics of ‘containment’: criminal policies in Southern Brazil and the hegemony of the Primeiro Comando da Capital. Vitor Stegemann Dieter (Kent)
  • Access to justice in a Post-Colonial Society: A grounded theory study of victims’ access to the criminal justice system in Trinidad and Tobago. Leah Cleghorn (Kent)
  • Thinking otherwise: theorizing the colonial/modern gender system in Africa. Boris Bertolt (Rotterdam)

D2: Politics, borders and injustice

GLT2 Chair: Emma Milne

  • The ‘Creeping Borders’ of Georgia – Slow-motion ‘Border Construction’ near Tskhinvali Region by Russia. Elene Tskhadadze (Hamburg)
  • The European Union’s border management nexus through a poststructuralist and postcolonial lens. Nick Rodrigo (CUNY)

15:30-16:00    Coffee

16:00-17:30    Parallel Faculty Sessions (GLT1 & 2)

GLT1: Author meets discussant

Authors: Dave Brotherton and Sarah Tosh

Discussant: René van Swaaningen

Immigration Policy in the Age of Punishment takes a critical, interdisciplinary, and transnational look at current issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. and abroad. It examines key features of this age of punishment, connecting neoliberal governance, global labor markets, and the national obsession with securing borders to explain critical research and theory on immigration enforcement. Contributors document the continuities between presidential administrations and across countries from many perspectives, with chapters discussing Canada, Australia, France, the UK, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico in addition to the U.S. They offer macro-level analyses of deportations and border enforcement, analyses of national policy and jurisprudence, and ethnographic accounts of the daily life experience of the prison-to-deportation pipeline, the making of deportability, and post-deportation transitions for noncitizens. This book highlights new directions in critical immigration policy and enforcement and deportation studies with the aim of problematizing the age of punishment that currently reigns over borders and those who seek to cross them.


GLT2: Panel on prison and university educational partnerships

Speakers: Caroline Chatwin (Kent), Camille Stengel (Greenwich), Giulia Zampini (Greenwich), Jenni Ward (Middlesex).

In the UK over the last few years an increasing number of criminology departments have entered into educational partnerships with prisons.  The main feature of these partnerships have been to offer joint modules, taken by university students and students drawn from within the prison body, creating an environment where the different groups come together to explore issues of criminological interest from new perspectives.

This informal discussion panel presents information about how to set up a university/prison partnership, examines the reasons for doing so, and questions what else can be done to further strenghten the links between the prison system and the university sector in general.  Plenty of space is provided for questions, discussion and ideas about how to move forward.

17:30-18:30    Staff meeting (Grimond Seminar Room 1)

17:30-18:30    Student meeting (Grimond Lecture Theatre 3)

19:30              Faculty Dinner, Posillipo

[15-16 Borough, Canterbury CT1 2DR]

19:30              Student Pub Crawl, Canterbury

[Details to be announced]



Wednesday 25 April


10:00-10:30    Registration

10:30-11:00    Coffee

11:00-13:00    Plenary 3

GLT1 Chair: Mike Mills

Emma Milne: ‘Regulating foetal health: the boundary of the maternal body’.

Michelle Van Impe: Identity constructions of people who use drugs: beyond symbolic boundaries and conventionality?

Veronika Nagy: Can we make the machine accountable? Future teller algorithms in criminology

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:30    Student presentations (E)

E: Negotiating harm, health and autonomy

GLT1 Chair: Derek Anderson

  • But I didn’t do anything wrong! Neutralization techniques and health care fraud. Fiep Classens (Rotterdam)
  • Crossing and building boundaries- symbolic boundary work among self-harmers. Floris Liekens (Ghent)
  • The boundaries of drug research in rural communities. Verity Armstrong (Middlesex)

15:30-16:00    Closing

GLT1: University of Kent handover

19:00              Closing Party at The Penny Theatre

[30-31 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BL]

Buffet available 19:30 – 21:00

Live music 21:00 – 00:00