The Fall Common Session 2022 — Vilnius University, Faculty of Philosophy, November 27-30 2022

Theme: Normalisation of Emergent Deviances: Re-Building the ‘Brave New World’?

The current dramatic social, economic and political disruptions have seriously challenged globalisation’s illusion that humankind’s problems can be effectively managed and normalised.

In turn, they stimulate a myriad of research on crime trends in response to the changing conditions of deviance and social control. Also, they rekindle the traditional question: what works and what does not work in the criminological minds during this extraordinary time.

We are now observing the production of novel forms of normality. Governments, corporations, citizens and criminal organisations legitimise mass e-surveillance, virtual commodification of privacy and human behaviour, cynical identity manipulation and fabrication, constant weaponizing of information and cataclysmic destruction of social and natural environments.

Previous dystopian visions of the brave new world are being resurrected and precariously implemented. Because of this, the traditional criminological reflection should not overshadow more fundamental questions: What do we learn from the current global changes? What are the prospects for our safety, freedom and well-being? What moral, political and social costs will be paid for this emerging governmentality?

With these questions in mind, we invite participants of the Common Session in Vilnius – PhD and MA students of criminology and staff members- to discuss not only traditional criminological topics in rapidly changing societies. We also encourage sharing insights, ideas and reflections about what needs to be grasped for the new realities in the light of changing normality, deviance and resistance.

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