Rotterdam Autumn 2009

Final CSP Common Session Programme (Printer Friendly PDF Version) [Updated 16 Nov. 2009]

CSP – Student Debate Info (PDF Version)

Conference Theme:

25th Anniversary Common Session:

What is Critical? Key Themes For Critical Analysis in 1984 and 2009

Call For Papers:

“This autumn it is 25 years ago that the first Common study session of the ‘Common Study Programme on Criminal Justice and Critical Criminology’ was held in Rome, Italy. Though the composition of the group has changed over the years, and we have become more a criminology programme, whilst the initial focus on criminal justice has diminished, we are alive an kickin’, common study sessions are well attended and the critical profile and the loose – if not anarchic – organisational structure have been maintained.

Students are invited to present papers on a particular theme that, in their opinion, requires a thorough critical analysis in today’s criminology. What is really pivotal? What do we notably neglect? You can think of virtually any theme (and we expect various issues that have been discussed at previous common study sessions, such as corporate crime, cultural criminology, gender, green criminology, the local and the global in urban criminology, global criminology, migration and multi­culturalism, political crime and crime and politics, youth groups and identities and many other themes will re-appear in Rotterdam, but we want to ask you to explicitly deal with (1) the question why you think a particular theme needs a critical analysis, (2) what the implications are for the domain (or subject-matter) of criminology and possibly also (3) how we are to study the proposed theme – as regards the research design.”  Please send via your University coordinator a title (and abstract, if possible) for inclusion in the programme.


Woudestein Campus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


18 November 2009 – 20 November 2009 (nb. there is a welcoming reception in the evening of 17 Nov. 2009)


The conference is limited to members of the eleven member Universities and invited guests only.  Unfortunately, registration is not possible for members of the public or non-affiliated Universities.  If you are not part of an affiliated University but wish to attend future conferences you may wish to consider enrolling in a related degree programme or pursuing an Erasmus or Overseas exchange programme at one of the participating Universities.  Registration for students of the respective Universities is handled locally by the staff representatives, so contact your own staff for specific details and requirements in the first instance.

Local Accommodations:

Room Rotterdam



Address: Van Vollenhovenstraat 62

3016 BK Rotterdam

Tel: +31 (0)10 2827277

About ROOM Rotterdam:

ROOM Rotterdam is situated in the popular and lively district named ‘Scheepvaartkwartier’ enclosed by the river Maas, the Erasmusbridge, the ‘Westzeedijk’ and the central park.  See ‘Local Travel Tips’ below for more information on finding ROOM Rotterdam.

Price per room per night*:

Doubles                 €50,-

4 person dorm     €27,-

5 person dorm     €22,50

6 person dorm     €19,50

8 person dorm     €18,50

10 person dorm   €17,50

We have arranged a special 10% discount for every common study sessions student who books a stay for at least 2 nights in Room Rotterdam. In order to get this discount, it’s not possible to use the online booking service. To make a reservation: just send an email to and be sure that you mention “criminology congress” as subject.

Directions to ROOM Rotterdam from Central Railway Station:

Tram 7: Get off tram 7 (direction Willemsplein/Nesserdijk) at stop ‘Westplein’ in front of café LOOS (this is the 6th stop from Central Station) and then take a short stroll in the direction that you came. The building with the little green dome is ROOM Rotterdam. Note that though you see large signs ‘Erasmus University’ here, but this is the location of the Erasmus Medical School and not of the Woudestein campus where the criminology department is located! If you take tram 7 in the other direction, the last stop ‘Burgemeester Oudlaan’ is our Woudestein campus.

Tram 8/Tram 20: Get off the tram at stop ‘Vasteland’ and then walk in the direction of the river Maas over the Scheepstimmermanlaan and the Van Vollenhovenstraat. On your left hand on number 62 you can find ROOM Rotterdam.

Subway: Take the ‘Erasmuslijn’ (a subway line) and get off at station ‘Leuvehaven’. Walk towards the Erasmusbridge and go to the right at the crossing, to the Westzeedijk. At the first traffic lights go to the left to the Scheepstimmermanlaan. After about 200 meters you will find ROOM Rotterdam on the Van Vollenhovenstraat.

Traveling from ROOM Rotterdam to the Conference: Get on the metro at LEUVEHAVEN (which is the light blue or ‘D’ line) head to the Centraal Station and get on the metro heading for DE TERP (which is the red or ‘C’ line) and get off at KRALINGSE ZOOM, which is close to the ‘Erasmus University Rotterdam Campus Woudestein‘ where the conference is being held.

Another good option is:

Stayokay Rotterdam



Address: Overblaak 85-87

3011MH Rotterdam

Tel: +31 (0)10 436 57 63

Stayokay is located in the so-called ‘cubic houses’ (kubuswoningen) in Rotterdam. These expressive and colourful houses are centrally located, close by the old harbour where many bars are located. Spending the night in a capsized cubic is said to be a special experience.

Directions to Stayokay from Central Railway Station:
Stayokay Rotterdam is situated nearly on train station Rotterdam Blaak. It’s accessible by train, subway and tram.

Tram 21: Take tram 21 at the central station of Rotterdam (direction De Esch) and get off at stop ‘Blaak’. You will immediately see the cubic houses, when you look up. From here, tram 21 (same direction De Esch) will also take you directly to the Erasmus University’s Woudestein campus – stop ‘Woudestein’.

Subway: Take the subway at central station (there’s only one line from there) and switch at ‘Beurs’ to the Calandlijn (subway-line). Subwaystation ‘Blaak’ is only one stop away from ‘Beurs’.

Train: You can also travel by train from the central station of Rotterdam to “Rotterdam Blaak”.

Prices: Price per room per night (average, based on a 6 person dorm): approximately €27,-. Here you should make your own arrangements.

Other (potentially more expensive) Hostels and Hotels:

Pension Barendregt
Avenue Concordia 70, 3062LL Rotterdam‎ – 010 4135510‎

Eurohotel Centrum Rotterdam BV
Baan 14-20, 3011 CB Rotterdam‎ – 010 2141922‎

Golden Tulip Rotterdam

Leuvehaven 80 Rotterdam 3011 EA Europe – 00 800 11 20 11 40

Local Travel Tips:

Travel information

Arriving by air

Though Rotterdam has an airport of its own, it is for most locations easier to arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From there you’ll have about six direct trains per hour to Rotterdam, that will take between half an hour (superfast train – quite expensive and only prebooked), three quarters of an hour (normal intercity trains) or slightly more than an hour (all stations service).

Public transport within Rotterdam
If you want to travel in Rotterdam by tram, subway or bus, you should buy a so-called ‘OV-chipcard’. You can buy them at the local public transport company ‘RET’ service points or from machines in the subway and train stations. The price of this card is €7,50. In order to travel with an ‘OV-chipcard’ you must also upload your card with cash money or debit cards. It depends on the length of your stay and the amount of trips you expect to make during your visit, which travel card is most suitable for you:

1 day:             €6,00
2 days:            €9,00
3 days: €12,00

Bicycle rental

If you would like to do things ‘the Dutch way’ you can rent a bike. Do note, however, that November can be rather rainy month.

We suggest the following options – they are all situated near the central railway station of Rotterdam: Rotterdam ByCycle rents bikes to groups of 6 people or more. Bike rental can take place from 09:30h; the bikes have to be returned before 18:00h.
Costs: € 6, – for a whole day, € 5,– for every extra day.

For individual bike-rental or smaller groups we recommend USE-IT or ‘Rijwielshop Rotterdam’.

  • USE-IT Rotterdam
    Address: Schaatsbaan 41-45
    3013AR Rotterdam
    Tel: +31(0)10 – 240 91 58
    Costs: €5 per day
    Bikes available from 09:00h till 17:00h.
  • Rijwielshop Rotterdam CS (inside ‘Groothandelsgebouw’)

Address: Conradstraat 18

3013AP Rotterdam


Price: €6,50 per day (€50,- premises)

Bikes available from 05:00h till 24:00h.


Of course you take a taxi too, but note that taxi’s are quite expensive in the Netherlands.

More for fun purposes than for any practical reason we also want to point at the possibility to cross the river, to one the piers where some nice bars and restaurants are located, by boat:


Watertaxi Rotterdam VOF
Koninginnenhoofd 7
3072 AD Rotterdam
Tel: +31(0)10-4030303


Rates 2009
Hotel New York – Leuvehaven/Veerhaven
Veerhaven Leuvehaven
Number of persons Adult Child Adult Child

Conference Contact(s):

Prof. René van Swaaningen   (

Student Contact(s):

Regien van Uden (

Yarin Eski   (

Travel Restrictions:

Non-EU nationals should consult their embassy

Links to Local Maps:

Conference Address:

Burgemeester Oudlaan

3062 Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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